Reese Dolfman who attends George Washington reviews different workouts.;

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HOUSEWORK by Sydney Miller:

If you love EDM music like me this is a workout you have to try. Such a fun workout. She offers live classes and also has a subscription app. If your a beginner I recommend doing at least the 7 days free trial for the app because Sydney offered great intro/beginner videos. The lives are hard but the energy and sweat are amazing. Her on-demand videos filter by equipment, time, and body focus, so you will find something that suits you. P.S. don’t be discouraged by the sliders, you will grow to love them!! Her yearly subscription is probably the least affordable but once you figure out the comparison to what you spend on a class normally it isn’t that much.

Rating: 10/10
Cost: 13$ a class, 300$ the whole year for a subscription but currently 25% off, 25$ a month. Also offers a 7-day free trial
Relevant Links: On-Demand Classes, Live Classes   


If your a gym rat stuck in a dorm, this is your workout. Jordana emphasizes the dorm friendly of the workout. She also offers zoom replays for her live classes which most workouts don’t offer. It also gains extra points for being the cheapest. However music was hard to hear and I’m a music-oriented person, but if music isn’t so important for you then you will be fine. P.S. she also posts great recipes!!!

Cost: 5$ per live class or zoom replay 
10$ a month for her on-demand classes, 100$ for the whole year. Also offers a 7-day free trial
Relevant Links: SCHVITZSCRIPTION, Live Classes 

BARRRY’s Bootcamp:

Barry's has been offering 20 minutes videos on their IG tv throughout virtual workout times, and they are great. Many don’t require equipment and are friendly to bodyweight only. My favorite is bands by Adria A, you can easily do it without the bands, so don’t worry. Sometimes 20 minutes is all you want and this is perfect for that

Rating: 9/10
Cost: FREE
Relevant Links: Link to IGTV 

Nike Training App:

This app is so underrated in my opinion. It has free workouts and will even give you a four-week plan. Some workouts require equipment but a lot don’t. If you like to do your own thing this is your app. It has videos demonstrating the move, but that’s about it. You listen to your music and it’s sort of like an audio trainer. Great if you have access to a gym, but you don’t need a gym.

Rating: 9/10

Cost: FREE

Relevant Links: Link to Nike Training App  


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